Lepidus Group is focused on creating value for our clients and for our partners through local expertise, personalized services, and unparalleled marketing performance. We are in the process of expanding our brand presence to selected luxury markets around the world in order to provide a truly global solution for our clients and deliver more and better business opportunities for our partners.  We offer unique and beneficial partnership programmes specifically designed for luxury estate agents, superyacht brokers, luxury car dealers, and jet brokers.

There are two programs that we offer to new partners:

Lepidus Group Partner – this is an option for new business partners who wish to operate solely under the Lepidus brand with territorial exclusivity and global benefits of the network and our marketing expertise.

Lepidus Group Affiliated Partner – this is an option for new partners who wish to operate under their own brand without territorial exclusivity. Lepidus Group Affiliated Partners will be able to use co-branded marketing materials and will benefit from our global network and marketing tools.

If you are operating a business  in Europe, North America, Asia or other prime or luxury segment of the market, contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from joining Lepidus Group.